Cathedral of Greater Blessings Christian Community Church - "Come Where the Blessings Brings One Into Greatness"
God Bless You!
Reverend Elder Dr. Matthew E. Davis, Sr.
The Ministry
During the year of 1975 at the age of 25 years old, I became a junior trustee and a junior deacon at the Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of the Late Rev. James Trueheart, in Memphis, Tennessee.  In the year of 1978, as directed by the Lord. Lord, I joined the Macon Church of God In Christ in Macon, Tennessee, under the pastorate of the late Superintendent A. R. Carpenter.  I was assigned to take an active role as a deacon and as the director of the church's choir.
In the year of 1979, the Lord leadd me into ministry, and three years later, I received a Certificate of Ordination in 1982 as an Elder, under the Prelate Jurisdiction Bishop W. L. Porter, Central Jurisdiction in Jackson, Tennessee.
In the year of 1983, the month of March, a Non-Profit Ministry which consisted of community outreach and radio broadcasting on KWAM, Gospel Radio Station.  This ministry has continue with only a few months of interruptions, running for over 21 years on different radio networks (WAVN/WMQM).  In the year of 1989. I received my Certificate of Ordination at St. Stephen Missionary Baptist under the Late Rev. James Bowen.
In the year of 1992, a small outreach ministry was started in the LeMoyne Gardens public housing in South Memphis, better known now as College Park Subdivision.  The ministry was called "Feeding the Kids." , a local KFC Franchise established a partnership with the ministry, whereby 50 boxes of hot chicken was issued and distributed on a weekly basis to the residents of the LeMoyne Gardens.
Under the name of Truevine Outreach Ministry, in the month of February 1995, a word through one of the pastors in the community, "Rehoboth." It was in an instantaneously moment ll  changed the name of the weekly radio broadcast to "Rehoboth Christian Community Outreach Ministries."  Five years later, in September 2000, again and said, "For more vision and revelation, change the name to Blessings of Rehobostries ." Afterwards, on November 16, 2003, a calling started with the changing of a new name.shoboth Christia
From there to now, with a combined total of 30 years, 25 years as a Radio Evangelists and 6 years as a Pastor, a Bachelor in Theology, Master of Theological Studies, and PHD in church Organization and Structure, for Hamilton University, T
 to a ministry that has captured the hearts of men and women, boys and girls in deliverance, salvation and healing.  All of the with the help of my darling wife, Carolyn, my beloved son, Matthew, and the Blessings of Rehoboth Church Family.
Since, November 16, 2003 during the establishment of this ministry,  several families to come and served under this ministry.  We are looking to continue to grow and win souls for the Lord's Kingdom, as we press toward the mark for the prize of the work of the Lord.igh Calling of Jesus Christ.
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